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3 Vallées Ski Location

3 Vallées Ski Location

There are lot of ski hire shops in St Martin.  Most are very similar, and the standard fare you would find anywhere in France.  The closest to the apartments is a little different, however. The 3 Vallée Ski Location is a small grotto-like shop, next to the Montagnard restaurant, just down the footpath opposite the chalet.    It is run by a French couple, Martine and Gaby Jay. They have a small, but good quality, range of equipment.  Recommended if you want a less commerical experience. They also provide private ski lessons and tours;  Gaby was an ESF instructor for many years.

Possibly the biggest shop is Jean Sports, which is down by the bubble, next to the Dahlia bar and the ski pass shop.  This has quite a good range of clothes and accessories, and not as so exorbitantly expensive as you might think. With any of these shops, it’s always wise to double check the prices at home before spending a lot of money. Twinner is fairly large and near the bubble, but on the left hand side looking down the valley.

In the main street, the Rue Saint-Martin, there are three ski hire shops quite close together: Matt Sports (Ski-Set), Intersport, and Sport 1500 (Skimium).