8 à Huit

8 à Huit supermarket

The most useful shop is the 8 à Huit mini-supermarket.  Don’t read too much into the name – it shuts for a couple hours early afternoon; back open at 4 p.m.  It is a great little shop and sells most of the things you’ll need.  It is just down the road from the church. There is another mini-supermarket downstairs in the building at the bottom of the bubble, but it is not as convenient to reach from the chalet.

For bread, croissants and cakes, the boulangerie in the middle of the main street is the real deal, so go there first, and if they are sold out then try the 8 à Huit. Next door to the boulangerie you will find a pharmacy and a laundry, as well as wine, chocolate and gift shops.

Main shops

Shops in the main street

The butcher’s shop is further down the road from the 8 à Huit: walk past the tabac and it is on the corner, as the road loops back. This gets rave reviews for its quality and diversity, including its hand-prepared, ready-to-cook meals. The Credit Agricole branch is also down here, tucked away just above the bend in the road.